What Kind Of Carbon Fiber Material Is Better?

Carbon fiber is a new type of high performance material in the 21st century. The development of carbon fiber in China has a broad application prospect. According to the classification of raw materials, carbon fiber can be divided into polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber, asphalt based carbon fiber, adhesive based carbon fiber and phenol resin based carbon fiber.What kind of carbon fiber material is good?Now let’s introduce it to you.From the current carbon fiber market, mainly based on polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber and asphalt carbon fiber.The excellent performance of carbon fiber has been recognized by the world, polyacrylonitrile base is also known as PAN based carbon fiber.Because the process is relatively simple, the mechanical properties of the products are good, the use is very wide, such as spacecraft, space shuttle, aviation aircraft structural materials and so on.The high temperature resistance of PAN based carbon fiber materials is particularly outstanding. Although the strength tends to decrease with the increase of temperature, it still has good strength at the temperature of 2000 degrees of isolated air.With the increase of temperature, PAN – based carbon fiber has a tendency of shrinkage, stable size and good fatigue resistance.General acid base salt will not cause any corrosion to it, these properties are traditional metal materials do not have, compared with other types of new composite materials also have strong performance advantages.In recent years, with the reduction of the manufacturing cost of carbon fiber composite materials, carbon fiber has gradually entered the civil field, such as carbon fiber cars, carbon fiber fishing rod and so on.Weihong carbon fiber products Co., LTD believes that with the further development of carbon fiber composite materials, there will be more products with excellent performance of carbon fiber composite materials, which will bring more convenience to people’s life. If you need to process carbon fiber, you might as well come to consult us.

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