What methods are used to process the precision CNC machining parts?

CNC (Numerical Controlled Machine Tool) is an abbreviation of computer numerically controlled machine tool, which is an automatic machine tool controlled by a program. 
precision cnc machining mainly refers to the use of digital information recorded on the media to control the machine tool so that it automatically performs the prescribed machining tasks. For today's society, which method is used to process the precision CNC machining parts?
The cutting methods of precision CNC machining parts processing can no longer be adapted. It is necessary to rely on the methods of special precision parts processing, that is, to apply chemical energy, electrochemical energy, thermal energy or electrical energy, etc., to make these energy exceed the binding energy between atoms, thereby removing the Attachment, bonding or lattice deformation of some atoms to achieve the purpose of ultra-precision machining. 
These processes include mechanochemical polishing, ion sputtering and ion implantation, electron beam exposure, laser beam processing, metal evaporation, and molecular beam epitaxy.
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