What must be paid attention to when processing precision hardware?

Precision hardware processing refers to the processing of some small diameter hardware parts. The raw materials and design drawings for the processing of precision hardware parts are more critical. Therefore, some matters must be paid attention to when the processing of precision hardware parts is carried out. Otherwise, It is likely to cause damage to the product, so what should be paid attention to when processing precision hardware?
1. I just said that the processing of precision hardware is to process some small diameter hardware parts, so the design drawings of this kind of goods should be accurate, and the parts are too far away. If the engineering drawings are not accurate, it is very likely It will cause the manufactured parts to be unusable, which in turn increases the cost of manufacturing.
2. When carrying out the processing of precision hardware, the operating staff must maintain a proper posture and have sufficient mental substance to adapt to the work. During the operation, the concept must be centralized, chatting is prohibited, and mutual cooperation is prohibited. The operating staff must not be upset and tired. In the case of operation.
3. Check whether part of the fitness exercise is filled with grease before the mechanical posture, and then run and check whether the clutch and brake systems are all normal, and run the CNC lathe internationally for 1-3 minutes. It is prohibited when the machine has common failures. operate.4. When the vehicle-mounted inverter starts the machine, be sure to wait for all other workers to leave the working area of the machine, and remove the dirt on the table during work before the equipment can be operated.
  5. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the working area of the roller, and it is forbidden to take and put the product workpiece. Be sure to use special tools that meet the regulations when picking up and placing the product in the stamping die. If abnormal noises or equipment failure are found in the machinery, the main power switch should be turned off immediately for inspection.Previous: What are the commonly used clamps for precision parts processing disc parts?Next: What are the factors that affect the processing quality of metal stamping parts?

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