What problems should be considered when programming during CNC machining processing ?

No matter what technology is used to process, it has its own considerations. We need to consider these issues before we can make our own processing and complete better, so that there will be no problems and troubles. The same is true, then what problems should be considered when programming in cnc machining processing ?
    1. Carefully analyze the drawings to determine a reasonable process route.     2. The size specifications of the tool should be selected and the actual size measured should be filled into the tool card.     3. Determine a reasonable amount of cutting. Mainly the spindle speed, backfeed amount, feed rate and so on.
    4. There should be enough automatic tool change space to avoid collision with the workpiece or fixture. The tool change position is recommended to be set at the machine origin.     5. In order to facilitate the inspection and debugging of the program, the main program mainly completes the call of the tool change and the subroutine. This procedure is simple and clear.     6. Check and test the programmed program, and pay attention to whether there is interference between the tool, fixture or workpiece. When checking the M, S, and T functions, it can be performed in the Z axis locked state.
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