What should we do if the surface of the precision CNC machined parts is rough ?

The main reason for the processing technology of precision CNC-machined parts, from the perspective of our hardware precision technology, there are also many reasons that will have a certain impact on the surface roughness of its parts. There are mainly tools and materials of the workpiece, caused by the conditions of the numerical control. Regarding the geometrical reason, it is mainly affected by the shape of the tool, and the off-angle declination and the like have a great influence on the surface roughness.
Is the market expansion of precision parts processing important?When we reprocess the plastic material, we will form a strip-shaped cut to form an aneurysm, and the hardness is still very high. For physical reasons, during the cutting process of the workpiece, the rounded corners and the extrusion can deform the metal material, which will result in a rough surface. The dryness is seriously deteriorated, and the appearance and performance of the synthetic film are completely irregular, so that it is easy to cause the surface of the workpiece to have different depth and width. For example, the speed does not match the cutting speed, the material is too hard to eat too much, the workpiece is not pressed, and the workpiece elasticity is too large. The rubber product such as the cutter blade is too long, the cutter bar is shaken during processing, and the machine itself is: silk The gap between activities such as bar line rail is too large and so on. These will inevitably increase the roughness of the surface of the part.
The advantage of cnc machining center is in industrial production, involving materials, process, cost, quantity of use, etc. There are many parts that cannot be mass-produced by machine, so it needs to be small through some special processes. The processing of scale or small medical accessories may involve manual processing. Generally, it mainly uses CNC, rapid mold, vacuum silicone mold and other processes to achieve small batch production. The advantages of cnc processing of medical parts processing range from ones to three digits, through simple mold, soft mold, or directly processed. Medical parts processing is generally the usual machining process of car, milling, planing, grinding, pliers, etc., the trimming of the fitter, drawing lines, punching, tapping, etc. 
Representative industries include aviation, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery industry, and machine tool industry. The typical representative of mass production is the automotive industry, while the prototypes of new models and engines in the automotive industry, as well as the mold industry, which is mainly used for mass production, are still in small batch production.
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