What Toys Are Suit For A Teething Baby & Is Silicone Teether Safe?

How to choose toys for your teething baby? As we all know, babies in teething ages is irritable and wanting to put fingers into there mouth. It is not a good habit for infant due to there are so many bacterial in fingers. So some soft, clean and safe toys should be offered to your baby.What kind of products you will give your kids?Generally speaking, most parents will buy plush toy, comforting pacifier and teethers for their babies.   
Plush toy is not waterproof and uneasy to clean. Babie's saliva stay in the surface of plush toy, and bacterial will stay and boom on toys, which may do harm to children's health.I advice you choosing silicone material pacifier or teether. Silicone is a material FDA approved Food grade material, which can direct contact with food. There are many silicone baby items on market due to silicone' s great features of easy to clean, non-toxic and soft. Silicone material teether and pacifier is a good toys for your teething baby. But parents should notice wether the toy you choose is made of food grade silicone.

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