Which factory is the best of Non-standard processing and CNC machining parts ?

Non-standard parts processing General customers are asking which company will be the best, or which manufacturer is doing good work, the value is not worthy of my choice, 
in fact, the choice of the correct manufacturers to start from many aspects, the first is the credibility, a manufacturer wants If you choose the right one, you must first know if the factory is doing well. If it is not working well, Do you think of the quality will be good ? There is not enough experience of this manufacturer. If the manufacturer has enough experience, many problems can be solved. The problems that are worried can be solved. Choosing such a factory cooperation is worthy of your trust,
Non-standard parts processing, How to choose the correct non-standard processing and cnc machining parts factory ?Non-standard products refer to products or equipments that are not manufactured in accordance with the uniform industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state, but products or equipment that are designed and manufactured according to their own needs. And the appearance or performance is not in the national equipment catalog. Standard parts refer to commonly used zero (parts) parts such as screws, keys, pins, rolling bearings, etc., which have been fully standardized in terms of structure, size, drawing, marking, etc., and are produced by professional factories. Generalized includes standardized fasteners, joints, transmissions, seals, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings, springs and other mechanical parts. 
In the narrow sense, only standardized fasteners are included. The standard part in China is the abbreviation of standard fasteners, which is a narrow concept, but cannot exclude the existence of general concepts. In addition, there are also industry standard parts, such as automotive standard parts, mold standard parts, etc., which are also generalized standard parts.
The process of processing non-standard parts is the basic unit that constitutes the machining process. The so-called process refers to the part of a process (or a group of workers) that is continuously completed on the same workpiece (or several workpieces at the same time) on one machine (or one working place). The main feature of forming a process is that it does not change the object, equipment and operator, and the content of the process is continuously completed.
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