Why Silicone Products Are More Safe For Kids

The child is naturally active. And because of that, news that children injured on an accident can be heard frequently.Is whom should take the responsibility of these kids injure?
The careless parents? Or the kid himself?It is hard to meet a agreement.However, some accidents can be avoided. Especially in the accidents which caused by low quality children products.The three kinds most common children dishware in the world is Plastic material kids dishware, stainless steel material kids dishware and silicone material kids dishware.It is widely known that plastic products are cheap and having a light weight. And stainless steel material kids products are durable and long lasting. As for silicone products, silicone teether and silicone spoons, for example, are clearly soft.Plastics is easily aging. It is worse that aging plastic products are easily broken to be debris, which may possible expose kids to danger. As for stainless steel material children product, the higher price is not the maily reason why I do not advice parents to select them. Stainless steel is famous for it's hardness. However, this excellent feature become a shortcoming as kids feeding products.The first three years of children's life, is a period they learn to control their behavior. Kids between the age of one to five lose their temper frequently. And in their behavior, they like to throw things. So stainless steel dishware is not suitable for a bad tempered kid.As for silicone, it is well-know by it's excellent features of stable, resistant to extreme environment and soft. Silicone product is not a product easily broken to pieces, and it's soft features can protect kid's soft gum.All in all, silicone material children products is more dominant than plastic ones and stainless steel ones.

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