with the same migration , Dongguan people and migratory birds to dear to each other

Dongguan is one of most warmer place in the Northern Hemisphere , although the season is a autumn .Various of migratory birds flew to Dongguan .Many of them are at rest in Dongguan after a long journey .

Long long ago ,thousands of birds has instinctively regard Dongguan as a habitat of migratory. Hundreds of kinds birds were arrival at Dongguan . Most south of them come from New Zealand , Australia .Most north of them come from Siberia . After a long journey ,they would rest and supply nourishment on the wetland in south of China .Most of them will continue to the end of the long distance migration . Some of them will stay in Dongguan ,Nesting foraging and give birth to and raise children ,With many migration of people .

A migrating Calidris tenuirostris start from Australia ,Its weight is 270 grams . When it arrival in Dongguan after a long journey ,Its weight come down to 140 grams . It will rest  and supplemental energy  at Dongguan and then continue for next journey .

Thousand of years ,Dongguan is one of the most important habitat place . The reason is the weather in Dongguan is warm and wet .there are rich fish and Dense mangrove .But in the recent 30 years, wetland is landfilled  , sea is pollution , mangrove is cut Annihilation to catch fish and shrimp were catched annihilation . The place is not good for migratory birds .

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