Yuncheng Mobile: Strengthen network construction to support urban and rural services

China Shandong Net-Shandong, December 15th (Reporter Zhang Chunting, Correspondent Wu Mengshu) Heze Mobile Yuncheng Company focuses on “quality improvement and service improvement”, fully implements high-quality development requirements, and takes “5G network construction” as an industry demonstration leader , Communications business, network construction and information development have achieved rapid improvement, fully assisting the construction of a digital society, and consolidating the new infrastructure of urban and rural services.

Up to now, Yuncheng Mobile has constructed 185 5G base stations, realizing continuous 5G coverage in urban areas, realizing coverage of villages and towns, and effectively assisting the construction of digital villages.

Relying on the 5G network, build an environmental pollution monitoring platform, remotely monitor key polluting enterprises, and reduce personnel input costs; pilot the Baishuyuan smart agriculture project, and set up a 5G+ smart Internet of Things project, so that the agricultural industry information service projects are rapidly improved; new transportation hubs are adopted Professional IoT cards ensure the real-time return of video of bus operation vehicles and ensure the operation of the bus safety network system; build a cloud project management platform to solve the problem of high-cost hardware purchases by enterprises and turn to dedicated low-cost services. By building a data network, converging into data transmission, forming a big data platform, 5G business empowers thousands of industries.

As the “head goose” of the communications industry, Yuncheng Mobile takes the lead in fulfilling the original mission of “red communications” and takes the opportunity of deepening “party building and innovation” and “safe village” construction to help local governments in the construction of “beautiful villages”; Transformation to empower rural revitalization, and contribute wisdom and strength in promoting the creation of a “safe rural”. Yuncheng Mobile and the Shuangqiao Town Government of Yuncheng County held the unveiling ceremony of the “Safe Village” Demonstration Village in Liangtutun Village. Since then, Liangtutun Village in Shuangqiao Town has become the first “Safe Village” demonstration village in Heze City. Deeply expand the areas of docking industry development, people’s livelihood security, social governance, etc., and truly turn Liang Tuduan and more villages into “digital villages” and “safe villages”, and inject wisdom and empowerment for the overall promotion of rural revitalization. Yuncheng Mobile will also take the opportunity of the construction of “safe villages” in Liangtutuan to provide a strong guarantee in the construction of the county’s “digital villages” and “safe villages”, so that more villages can realize intelligent and efficient modern management , Transform “I do practical things for the masses” into tangible actions, walk into the homes of ordinary people, and contribute to the revitalization of the countryside and the construction of beautiful villages!

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